The town of Larissa

The town of Larissa is situated in the center of the Thessalian plain and has been the capital of Thessaly throughout its long history, from ancient Pelasguiotida to this day.It constitutes the economic, administrative and scientific centre of Thessaly.

Larissa has important sights and monuments. It has strong business potentialities, too. The vast pedestrianized precinct of Larissa makes the town a pleasant place to take a walk in especially in the business centre.

The advantageous geographical position of the town has greatly contributed to its tourist development which is also connected with a number of professional activities.

It is also worth mentioning the cultural infrastructures of the town; there are two ancient theatres, a Municipal Gallery, a Municipal Regional Theater, a Center of Modern Plastic Arts, cinemas, a Folklore Historical Museum, 'G.I.Katsigras’ Museum etc.

Doubtless, the transport infrastructures of the Prefecture of Larissa, its railway network and the national road make the town easy of access and constitute major advantages, too. Likewise, the town economy contributes to the development of its business and congress tourism.



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